Java Project List

JAVA Projects List:-

S. NO                                                Project List
CACCSJ01 Discussion Forum
CACCSJ02 Doctors Management System
CACCSJ03 Advance Address Book
CACCSJ04 Advertising Agency
CACCSJ05 Airline Reservation System
CACCSJ06 Airlines Management System
CACCSJ07 ATM Simulation System
CACCSJ08 Attendance System
CACCSJ09 Bank Application System
CACCSJ10 Banker Database System
CACCSJ11 Beat It Game
CACCSJ12 Billing Management System
CACCSJ13 Blackjack Applet
CACCSJ14 Blogging Application
CACCSJ15 Bug Tracking System
CACCSJ16 Car Sales System
CACCSJ17 Casino Game
CACCSJ18 Chess Game
CACCSJ19 Civilisation Game
CACCSJ20 Classic Road Fighter Game
CACCSJ21 Client Server Application
CACCSJ22 Coin Game
CACCSJ23 College Library Record Application
CACCSJ24 College Management System
CACCSJ25 Complete Banking System
CACCSJ26 Complete Mailing System
CACCSJ27 Concentration Game
CACCSJ28 Country Guessing Game
CACCSJ29 Course Registration System
CACCSJ30 Cricket Game
CACCSJ31 Crims Game
CACCSJ32 Customer Track System
CACCSJ33 Dice Application System
CACCSJ34 Discussion Forum
CACCSJ35 Doctors Management System
CACCSJ36 Drag Drop Board Game
CACCSJ37 Dragon War Game
CACCSJ38 Editable Conway Game Of Life
CACCSJ39 Eight Puzzle Breaker
CACCSJ40 Eight Queens Game
CACCSJ41 E-mail Program System
CACCSJ42 Evaluation System
CACCSJ43 Falcon Fighter Java Game
CACCSJ44 Flight Reservation System
CACCSJ45 Funny Horoscope Teller
CACCSJ46 Graphical Payroll
CACCSJ47 Hang Man Game
CACCSJ48 Hospital Management System
CACCSJ49 Human Resource Management System
CACCSJ50 Internet Banking System
CACCSJ51 Intranet Chatting System
CACCSJ52 Inventory System
CACCSJ54 Java Exam System
CACCSJ55 Java Mail Filter System
CACCSJ56 Jig Saw Puzzle
CACCSJ57 Knowledge Game
CACCSJ58 Library Application System
CACCSJ59 MCQ Quiz Application
CACCSJ60 Medical Diagnostic System
CACCSJ61 Mexican Game
CACCSJ62 Mine Sweeper Game
CACCSJ63 Minesweeper
CACCSJ64 MIS Coding Software
CACCSJ65 Mobile Store System
CACCSJ66 Movie Rental
CACCSJ67 Multi User Voice Chat
CACCSJ68 My Personal Diary
CACCSJ69 Name Sorter System
CACCSJ70 Network Banking System
CACCSJ71 News system
CACCSJ72 One Player Chess Game
CACCSJ73 Online Address Book
CACCSJ74 Online Courses
CACCSJ75 Online Library System
CACCSJ76 Online Shopping
CACCSJ77 Online Testing Site
CACCSJ78 Online Yearbook With Sms
CACCSJ79 Pac Man Game
CACCSJ80 Parking System
CACCSJ81 Pharmacy Management System
CACCSJ82 Phone Book System
CACCSJ83 Photo Viewer
CACCSJ84 Ping Game
CACCSJ85 Placement Office Automation
CACCSJ86 Pong Game
CACCSJ87 Powerpoint Sliding Application
CACCSJ88 Project Planning Management System
CACCSJ89 Puyo Game
CACCSJ90 Railway Ticketer
CACCSJ91 Recreational System
CACCSJ92 RPG Battle Game
CACCSJ93 Scheduler System
CACCSJ94 Shoot The Target Game
CACCSJ95 Shopping Cart Example
CACCSJ96 Simple Payroll System
CACCSJ97 Simple Pharmacy Management System
CACCSJ98 Simple Shopping Cart
CACCSJ99 Sliding Window
CACCSJ100 Snakes Game
CACCSJ101 Snookey Game
CACCSJ102 Student Counselling Management System
CACCSJ103 Student Record Management System
CACCSJ104 Student Registration System
CACCSJ105 Telephone Billing System
CACCSJ106 Tennis Game
CACCSJ107 Test Typing Skill S/W
CACCSJ108 Tic Tac Toe Game
CACCSJ109 Tiny Movie Manager
CACCSJ110 Turn Based Network Game
CACCSJ111 Virtual Bomb Disposal Game
CACCSJ112 Inventory System


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